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Attachment Tool Set that Fits Most Dyson Models (Including Adapter for V7, V8, V10, V11 Series)

Availability: not in stock, orderable

Delivery time: 8-16 days
€19.95Incl. VAT

Quick Overview

Plus.Parts five-piece attachment tool set that fits most Dyson vacuum models. Includes an adapter for the V7, V8, V10 and V11 series.


A high quality five piece tool set that fits most Dyson vacuum cleaner models (inner diameter 28mm). This set includes the following tools;

  • Mattress tool: a 20cm (8") wide upholstery tool ideal for clothes, curtains, mattresses and soft furnishings.
  • Stubborn dirt brush combination tool: a brush tool with stiff bristles ideal for situations where agitation is needed. The brushes are detachable to quickly switch to an upholstery/stair tool.
  • Combination tool: a narrow tool that converts between a dusting brush and a crevice tool. Similar to what was supplied on many Dyson vacuums originally.
  • Wide combination tool: a wider version of the tool above. Similar to what was supplied on Dyson DC24 vacuums originally.
  • A tool adaptor so that these tools can also be used on the Dyson V7, V8, V10 and V11 series.

All tools have an inner diameter of 28mm and are compatible with the following Dyson series;

Dyson DC16, DC22, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC26, DC27, DC28, DC29, DC30, DC31, DC32, DC33, DC34, DC35, DC36, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC40, DC41, DC42, DC43, DC44, DC45, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC50, DC51, DC52, DC53, DC54, DC55, DC56, DC57, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62, DC63, DC65, DC66, DC72, DC74, DC75, DC76, DC77, DC78, UP13, UP15, UP20, V6, V7, V8, V10, V11.

Additional Information

EAN/UPC code 0793574686762
Compatible with Dyson Ball, Ball Allergy, Ball Allergy Exclusive, Ball Allergy Extra, Ball Animal, Ball Animal 2, Ball Animal Exclusive, Ball Complete, Ball Extra, Ball Multi Floor, Ball Multi Floor Exclusive, Ball Multi Floor Origin, Ball Multifloor Exclusive, Ball Multifloor Exclusive 2, Ball Total Clean, DC16, DC16 Animal, DC16 Car and Boat, DC16 Issey Miyake +, DC16 Issey Miyake Exclusive, DC22, DC22 Allergy, DC22 Animal, DC22 Motorhead, DC22 Multi Floor, DC22 Turbine, DC23, DC23 Allergy, DC23 Allergy Parquet, DC23 Allergy Parquet Plus, DC23 Allergy Plus, DC23 Animal, DC23 Animal Exclusive, DC23 AnimalPro, DC23 AnimalPro Extra, DC23 Complete, DC23 Drawing, DC23 Exclusive, DC23 Motorhead, DC23 Motorhead Animal, DC23 Motorhead Exclusive, DC23 Origin, DC23 Pink, DC23 Plus, DC23 Stowaway Allergy, DC23 Stowaway Animal, DC23 T2, DC23 T2 All Floors, DC23 Turbine, DC23 Turbinehead, DC23T2, DC23T2i, DC24, DC24 All Floors Plus, DC24 Animal, DC24 Blitz It, DC24 Blueprint, DC24 DRAWING Limited Edition, DC24 Exclusive, DC24 Multi Floor, DC24 Multi Floor Complete, DC24 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC24i, DC25, DC25 All Floors, DC25 All Floors Exclusive, DC25 Animal, DC25 Animal Plus, DC25 Animal Total Clean, DC25 Blitz It, DC25 Blueprint, DC25 DRAWING Limited Edition, DC25 Exclusive, DC25 Full Kit, DC25 Multi Floor, DC25 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC25 Overdrive, DC25 Overdrive Vacuum, DC25 Pink, DC25i, DC26, DC26 CITY, DC26 City Multi Floor, DC26 Multi Floor, DC26 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC26 Turbinehead, DC26i, DC27, DC27 All Floors, DC27 Animal, DC27 Exclusive, DC27 Total Clean, DC28, DC28 Animal, DC28 Animal Plus, DC29, DC29 Absolute, DC29 Allergy Parquet, DC29 Animal, DC29 dB Origin, DC29 Multi Floor, DC29 Origin, DC30, DC31, DC31 Animal, DC31 Animal Exclusive, DC31 AnimalPro, DC31 Car and Boat, DC31 Motorhead, DC32, DC32 Allergy, DC32 Allergy Parquet, DC32 Allergy Parquet Plus, DC32 Allergy Plus, DC32 Animal, DC32 Animal Pro, DC32 AnimalPro, DC32 AnimalPro Extra, DC32 Complete, DC32 Drawing, DC32 Exclusive, DC32 Motorhead, DC32 Motorhead Exclusive, DC32 Motorhead Full Kit, DC32 Origin, DC32 Pink, DC32 Plus, DC32 Stowaway Allergy, DC32 Stowaway Animal, DC32 Turbinehead, DC33, DC33 Animal, DC33 Exclusive, DC33 Mail Order Exclusive, DC33 Multi Floor, DC33 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC33 Multi Floor Plus, DC33 Origin, DC33 Stubborn, DC33 Total Clean, DC33i, DC34, DC34 Animal, DC34 Animal Exclusive, DC34 Car + Boat, DC34 Complete, DC34 Exclusive, DC35, DC35 Animal, DC35 Complete, DC35 Digital Slim, DC35 Digital Slim Exclusive USA, DC35 Digital Slim USA, DC35 Exclusive, DC35 Full Kit, DC35 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC35 Origin, DC36, DC36 Turbinehead, DC37, DC37 Allergy, DC37 Allergy Musclehead, DC37 Allergy Musclehead Parquet, DC37 Allergy Parquet, DC37 Animal, DC37 Animal Turbine, DC37 Musclehead, DC37 Origin, DC37 Tangle-Free, DC37c, DC37c Allergy, DC37c Complete Allergy, DC37c Multi Floor, DC37c Musclehead, DC37c Origin, DC37c Parquet, DC37c Total Allergy, DC38, DC38 Multi Floor, DC38 Multi Floor Complete, DC38i, DC39, DC39 Allergy, DC39 Animal, DC39 Animal Complete, DC39 Animal Exclusive, DC39 Multi Floor, DC39 Origin, DC39 Origin Exclusive, DC39c, DC39c Animal, DC39c Animal Complete, DC39c i, DC39i, DC40, DC40 Allergy, DC40 Animal, DC40 Animal Complete, DC40 Animal Exclusive, DC40 Exclusive, DC40 Multi Floor, DC40 Multi Floor Complete, DC40 Origin, DC40 Origin Exclusive, DC40 Total Clean, DC40i, DC40i ErP, DC41, DC41 Animal, DC41 Animal Complete, DC41 Animal Complete Exclusive, DC41 Animal Exclusive, DC41 Animal Total Clean, DC41 MK2, DC41 MK2 Animal, DC41 MK2 Animal Complete, DC41 MK2 Multi Floor, DC41 Multi Floor, DC41 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC41c, DC41c Allergy, DC41c Allergy Musclehead, DC41c Allergy Musclehead Parquet, DC41c Allergy Parquet, DC41c Full Kit, DC41c Origin, DC41c Origin Extra, DC41i, DC42, DC42 Animal, DC42 Multi Floor, DC43, DC43 Animal, DC43 Full Kit, DC43H, DC43H Mattress, DC44, DC44 Animal, DC44 Animal Complete, DC44 Animal Exclusive, DC44 Animal Exclusive USA, DC44 Animal Plus, DC44 Animal Total Clean, DC44 Animal USA, DC44 Exclusive, DC44 Multi Floor, DC44 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC44 Origin, DC45, DC45 AnimalPro, DC45 Digital Slim, DC45 Up Top, DC46, DC46 Motorhead, DC46 Turbinehead, DC47, DC47 Multi Floor, DC47 Multi Floor Complete, DC47i, DC48, DC49, DC49 Multi Floor, DC49 Multi Floor Complete, DC49i, DC50, DC50 Allergy, DC50 Animal, DC50 Animal Complete, DC50 Animal Exclusive, DC50 Animal Limited Edition, DC50 Ball Compact, DC50 ErP, DC50 Exclusive, DC50 Multi Floor, DC50 Multi Floor Complete, DC50 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC50 Multi Floor Plus, DC50i, DC50i Animal, DC51, DC51 Animal, DC52, DC53, DC53 Total Clean, DC54, DC54 Cinetic, DC54 Cinetic Animal, DC54 Cinetic Animal Complete, DC54 Cinetic Animal Exclusive, DC54 Cinetic i, DC54 Cinetic Multi Floor, DC54 ErP Cinetic Animal, DC54 ErP Cinetic Animal Complete, DC54 ErP Cinetic Animal Exclusive, DC54 ErP Cinetic Animal Extra, DC54 ErP Cinetic i, DC54 ErP Cinetic Multi Floor, DC55, DC55 Total Clean, DC56, DC56 Exclusive, DC56 Handheld, DC56 Handheld Exclusive, DC56 Hard, DC56 Plus, DC57, DC57 Hard, DC58, DC58 Animal, DC58 Animal Complete, DC58 Car + Boat Extra, DC58 Motorhead, DC58 Multifloor Exclusive, DC59, DC59 Animal, DC59 Animal Complete, DC59 Animal Exclusive, DC59 Motorhead, DC59 Motorhead Exclusive, DC59 Motorhead Plus, DC61, DC62, DC63, DC65, DC65 Animal, DC65 Animal Complete, DC65 Animal Complete Exclusive, DC65 Animal Exclusive, DC65 Animal Plus, DC65 Multi Floor, DC65 Multi Floor Exclusive, DC65 Total Clean, DC66, DC66 Animal, DC66 Full Kit, DC66 Multi Floor, DC72, DC72 Animal, DC72 Motorhead, DC74, DC74 Fluffy, DC75, DC76, DC77, DC77 Animal, DC77 Big Ball Multi Floor, DC78, DC78 Turbinehead, DC78 Turbinehead Animal, Small Ball, Small Ball Animal, Small Ball Animal Plus, Small Ball Multi Floor, Small Ball Pro Exclusive, Small Ball Total Clean, UP13, UP15, UP20, V10, V10 Absolute, V10 Absolute +, V10 Absolute Extra, V10 Animal, V10 Fluffy, V10 Motorhead, V10 Total Clean, V10 Total Clean +, V11, V11 Absolute, V11 Animal +, V11 Torque Drive, V6, V6 Absolute, V6 Animal, V6 Animal Extra, V6 Animal Pro, V6 Baby + Child, V6 Car & Boat Extra, V6 Car + Boat, V6 Cord Free, V6 Flexi, V6 Fluffy, V6 Mattress, V6 Motorhead, V6 Multifloor Exclusive, V6 Standard, V6 Top Dog, V6 Top Dog HEPA, V6 Total Clean, V6 Trigger, V6 Trigger +, V6 Trigger Exclusive, V6 Trigger Extra, V6 Trigger Origin Exclusive, V6 Trigger Pro, V6 Trigger Pro Exclusive, V7, V7 Absolute, V7 Animal, V7 Animal Extra, V7 Animal Pro, V7 Car + Boat, V7 Fluffy, V7 HEPA, V7 Mattress, V7 Motorhead, V7 Trigger, V7 Trigger Pro, V7 Trigger Pro Exclusive, V8, V8 Absolute, V8 Absolute Exclusive, V8 Absolute Extra, V8 Absolute Pro, V8 Animal, V8 Animal+, V8 Carbon Fiber, V8 Fluffy, V8 Motorhead, V8 Total Clean.
Packaging content 5 pieces
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