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BL1815 Li-ion 1.5Ah/18V Plus.Parts Battery for Makita (27Wh)

Availability: 3 In stock

Delivery time: ordered before 15:00, shipped today

€47.95Incl. VAT

Quick Overview

Plus.Parts replacement Li-ion compact battery 18V/1.5Ah suitable for all cordless power tools from the Makita 18V LXT series. Replacement for Makita battery numbers; BL1815 and BL1815N.


A high quality replacement lithium-ion compact battery for 18V LXT Makita power tools. This 18V compact battery has a capacity of 1.5Ah (27Wh), identical to the Makita BL1815 battery. This Li-ion battery has built-in over protection circuits which provide safety and reliability. No memory effect plus no initial 16 hour charging needed. This compatible lithium-ion battery can be charged with your existing Makita charger such as DC18RA, DC18RC, DC18RD, DC18SD, DC18SE and DC18SD and is interchangeable with Makita battery numbers;

193533-3, 194204-5, 194205-3, 194230-4, 194309-1, 194513-2, 196235-0, 196399-0, 196673-6, 197254-9, 197265-4, 197273-5, 197280-8, 197282-4, 197288-2, 197422-4, 197599-5, BL1815, BL1815N, BL1820, BL1820B, BL1830, BL1830B, BL1840, BL1840B, BL1850, BL1850B and BL1860B


Voltage 18 V
Capacity 1500 mAh
Battery type Li-ion
Weight (grams) 320
Dimensions (mm) 112 x 74 x 43

Additional Information

Compatible with Makita BBO180, BBO180RFX, BBO180ZX, BBY180, BCF050, BCF050Z, BCG180, BCG180RFE, BCG180Z, BCL180, BCL180Z, BCL182, BCL182Z, BCS550, BCS550RFJ, BCS550RFX, BCS550ZJ, BCS550ZX, BDA350, BDA350RFJ, BDA350RFX, BDA350ZJ, BDA350ZX, BDA351, BDA351RFJ, BDA351RFX, BDA351ZJ, BDA351ZX, BDF453, BDF453RHE, BDF456, BDF456RFX, BDF456ZX, BDF458, BDF458RFX, BDF458ZX, BDF459, BDF459RFJ, BDF459RMJ, BDF459ZJ, BFR550, BFR550RFX, BFR550ZX, BFR750, BFS451, BFS451RFJ, BFS451RFX, BFS451ZJ, BFS451ZX, BGA452, BGA452RFX, BGA452Z, BGA452ZX, BGD800RFX, BGD800Z, BGD800ZX, BHP456, BHP456RFX, BHP456ZX, BHP458, BHP458RFX, BHP458ZX, BHP459, BHP459RFJ, BHP459ZJ, BHR202, BHR202RFX, BHR202ZX, BHR241, BHR241RFX, BHR241ZX, BHR242, BHR242RFEV, BHR242Z, BHR243, BHR243RFEV, BHR243Z, BHS630, BHS630RFX, BHS630ZX, BJN161, BJN161RFE, BJN161RFJ, BJN161ZJ, BJR181, BJR181RFE, BJR181ZK, BJS130, BJS130RFJ, BJS130RFX, BJS130ZJ, BJS130ZX, BJS161, BJS161RFJ, BJS161RFX, BJS161ZJ, BJS161ZX, BJV180, BJV180RFX, BJV180ZX, BKP180, BKP180RFJ, BKP180RFX, BKP180ZJ, BKP180ZX, BLS713, BLS713RFE, BLS713Z, BML185, BML186, BML186Z, BML801, BML803, BMR050, BMR100, BMR102, BMR103, BMR103B, BPJ180, BPJ180RFE, BPJ180RFJ, BPJ180Z, BPJ180ZJ, BPT351, BPT351RFJ, BPT351RFX, BPT351ZJ, BPT351ZX, BSS501, BST221, BST221RFJ, BST221RFX, BST221ZJ, BST221ZX, BTD146, BTD146RFX, BTD146ZX, BTD147, BTD147RFJ, BTD147ZJ, BTL061, BTL061RFJ, BTL061RFX, BTL061ZJ, BTL061ZX, BTL063, BTL063RFJ, BTL063RFX, BTL063ZJ, BTL063ZX, BTM50, BTM50RFEX3, BTM50RFJX3, BTM50ZJX3, BTM50ZKX3, BTM50ZX2, BTP141, BTP141RFE, BTP141RFJ, BTP141Z, BTP141ZJ, BTW251, BTW251RFJ, BTW251RFX, BTW251ZJ, BTW251ZX, BTW450, BTW450RFJ, BTW450RFX, BTW450ZJ, BTW450ZX, BUB182, BUB182Z, BUB183, BUB183Z, BVF104, BVF104Z, BVF154, BVF154Z, BVR450, BVR450RFE, BVR450ZK, BVR850RME, DBN500, DBN500RTJ, DBN500Z, DBN500ZJ, DBO180, DBO180RFJ, DBO180RMJ, DBO180RTJ, DBO180Z, DBO180ZJ, DCF050, DCF201, DCF201Z, DCF201ZW, DCF300, DCF300Z, DCG180, DCG180RA, DCG180RAX, DCG180RF, DCG180RFE, DCG180RH, DCG180RMB, DCG180Z, DCG180ZB, DCG180ZBK, DCG180ZK, DCG180ZX, DCG180ZXK, DCJ200, DCJ200Z, DCJ200Z2XL, DCJ200ZL, DCJ200ZM, DCJ200ZXL, DCJ201, DCJ201ZL, DCJ201ZXL, DCL180, DCL180Z, DCL180ZB, DCL180ZW, DCL182, DCL182SY1B, DCL182Z, DCL182ZB, DCL500, DCL500Z, DCM500, DCM500Z, DCO180, DCO180Z, DCO180ZJ, DCS550, DCS550RMJ, DCS550Z, DCS551, DCS551RTJ, DCS551Z, DCS551ZJ, DDA350, DDA350RMJ, DDA350RTJ, DDA350Z, DDA350ZJ, DDA351, DDA351RMJ, DDA351RTJ, DDA351Z, DDA351ZJ, DDF083, DDF083Z, DDF453, DDF453RA3J, DDF453RF3J, DDF453RFE, DDF453RYE, DDF453SYE, DDF453Z, DDF456, DDF458, DDF458RMJ, DDF458RTE, DDF458Z, DDF459, DDF459RMJ, DDF459RTJ, DDF459SYE, DDF459Z, DDF480, DDF480RFJ, DDF480RMJ, DDF480RT3J, DDF480SP1J, DDF480ZJ, DDF481, DDF481RFJ, DDF481RMJ, DDF481RTE, DDF481Z, DDF481ZJ, DDF482, DDF482RFE, DDF482RM3J, DDF482RME, DDF482RMJ, DDF482SYE, DDF482Z, DDF483, DDF483RTJ, DDF483ZJ, DDF484, DDF484RFE, DDF484RTE, DDF484RTJ, DDF484Z, DEABML803, DEADML184, DEADML185, DEADML800, DEADML801, DEADML801X, DEADML802, DEADML805, DFJ201, DFJ201Z2XL, DFJ201ZL, DFJ201ZM, DFJ201ZXL, DFL650F, DFL650FZ, DFL651F, DFL651FZ, DFR450, DFR450RFEX, DFR450RTEX, DFR450ZX, DFR550, DFR550RFE, DFR550RFJ, DFR550RMJ, DFR550RTE, DFR550RTJ, DFR550Z, DFR550ZJ, DFR750, DFR750RME, DFR750RTE, DFR750Z, DFR750ZK, DFS451, DFS451RMJ, DFS451Z, DFS452, DFS452RAJ, DFS452RMJ, DFS452Z, DFS452ZJ, DGA452, DGA452RFJ, DGA452RME, DGA452RMJ, DGA452Z, DGA452ZJ, DGA456, DGA456RTJ, DGA456Z, DGA458, DGA458RTJ, DGA458Z, DGA504, DGA504RM, DGA504RTE, DGA504RTJ, DGA504Z, DGA505, DGA505RMJ, DGA505RTJ, DGA505ZJ, DGA506, DGA506RTE, DGA506RTJ, DGA506Z, DGA506ZJ, DGA508, DGA508RTE, DGA508RTJ, DGA508Z, DGA508ZJ, DGD800, DGD800RFJ, DGD800RMJ, DGD800RTJ, DGD800Z, DGD800ZJ, DGD801, DHP451, DHP451RTE, DHP451Z, DHP453, DHP453RAJ, DHP453RFJ, DHP453RFX2, DHP453RYX2, DHP453Z, DHP456, DHP458, DHP458RF3J, DHP458RME, DHP458RTE, DHP458Z, DHP459, DHP459RMJ, DHP459SYE, DHP459Z, DHP480, DHP480RFJ, DHP480RMJ, DHP480RTJ, DHP480ZJ, DHP481, DHP481RFJ, DHP481RME, DHP481RMJ, DHP481RT3J, DHP481RTE, DHP481RTJ, DHP481SP1J, DHP481Z, DHP481ZJ, DHP482, DHP482RFE, DHP482RFWJ, DHP482RME, DHP482RMJ, DHP482SYE, DHP482Z, DHP483, DHP483ZJ, DHP484, DHP484RFE, DHP484RTE, DHP484RTJ, DHP484Z, DHR165, DHR165RMJ, DHR165RTJ, DHR165Z, DHR165ZJ, DHR202, DHR202RFJ, DHR202RM1J, DHR202RMJ, DHR202RTE, DHR202RTJ, DHR202Z, DHR202ZJ, DHR241, DHR241RFJ, DHR241RMJ, DHR241Z, DHR241ZJ, DHR242, DHR242RFJV, DHR242RMJ, DHR242RMJV, DHR242Z, DHR242ZJ, DHR243, DHR243RFJV, DHR243RJM, DHR243RME, DHR243RMEV, DHR243RMJ, DHR243RMJV, DHR243RTE, DHR243RTEV, DHR243RTJ, DHR243RTJV, DHR243Z, DHR243ZJ, DHR243ZJV, DHR243ZV, DHR263, DHR263Z, DHR263ZJ, DHR264, DHR264RF2, DHR264Z, DHR264ZJ, DHS630, DHS630RFJ, DHS630RMJ, DHS630RTJ, DHS630Z, DHS630ZJ, DHS680, DHS680RMJ, DHS680RTJ, DHS680Z, DHS680ZJ, DHS710, DHS710PM2J, DHS710PT2J, DHS710RF2J, DHS710ZJ, DJN161, DJN161RMJ, DJN161RTJ, DJN161Z, DJN161ZJ, DJR181, DJR181RFE, DJR181RME, DJR181RTE, DJR181ZK, DJR183, DJR183RMJ, DJR183RTJ, DJR183Z, DJR183ZJ, DJR185, DJR185Z, DJR186, DJR186RME, DJR186RTE, DJR186Z, DJR186ZK, DJR187, DJR187RTE, DJR187Z, DJR187ZK, DJR360, DJR360PT2, DJR360ZK, DJS130, DJS130RMJ, DJS130Z, DJS130ZJ, DJS161, DJS161RMJ, DJS161Z, DJV180, DJV180RF, DJV180RMJ, DJV180Z, DJV181, DJV181RFJ, DJV181RMJ, DJV181RTJ, DJV181Z, DJV181ZJ, DJV182, DJV182RFJ, DJV182RMJ, DJV182RTJ, DJV182Z, DJV182ZJ, DK0040M, DK0065WST, DK0069WST, DK18042, DK1895X2, DKP180, DKP180RFE, DKP180RMJ, DKP180RTE, DKP180RTJ, DKP180Z, DKP180ZJ, DLM380, DLM380PF4, DLM380Z, DLM431, DLM431PT2, DLM431Z, DLS713, DLS713RME, DLS713Z, DLS714, DLS714PT2, DLS714Z, DLX1002TJ1, DLX1002TJ2, DLX1004T, DLX1006TJX1, DLX1006TJX2, DLX2000MJ, DLX2000TJ, DLX2006SY, DLX2022SY, DLX2025M, DLX2040MJ1, DLX2040TJ1, DLX2052TJ, DLX2063, DLX2064T, DLX2065PMJ, DLX2065PTJ, DLX2067PMJ, DLX2067PTJ, DLX2086TJ, DLX2102PMJ, DLX2113X1, DLX2114X1, DLX2121AJ, DLX2121J, DLX2127MJ1, DLX2127SY, DLX2127SYX, DLX2127X, DLX2128TJ1, DLX2129TJ1, DLX2130TJ3, DLX2130TJ4, DLX2131JX1, DLX2131SY, DLX2131X, DLX2134MJ, DLX2137PMJ, DLX2140PMJ, DLX2144, DLX2144T, DLX2145, DLX2145T, DLX2145TJ, DLX2157TJ1, DLX2173SY, DLX2173TJ, DLX2175T, DLX2176T, DLX2176TB, DLX2176TJ, DLX2180TJ, DLX2180X, DLX2189T, DLX2222T, DLX2226PTJ, DLX2233TJ, DLX2237PT4J, DLX3018X1, DLX3049PTJ, DLX3061T, DLX3063T, DLX3072T, DLX4001FJ1, DLX4017, DLX4050TJ, DLX4051PM1, DLX4069J, DLX4070TJ, DLX4072T, DLX4082T, DLX4083T, DLX4087TJX1, DLX5022TJX1, DLX5023TJX1, DLX5026TX2, DLX6012PM, DLX6030TJ1, DLX6030TJ2, DLX6036T, DLX6044PT, DLX6063T, DLX6066TJX1, DLX6066TJX2, DLX6068PT, DLX8017PT, DML184, DML185, DML800, DML801, DML802, DML805, DML806, DML807, DMR050, DMR102, DMR102W, DMR104, DMR104W, DMR106, DMR106B, DMR107, DMR107W, DMR108, DMR108B, DMR109, DMR109W, DMR200, DPB180, DPB180RME, DPB180Z, DPB181, DPB181RFE, DPB181RME, DPB181Z, DPJ180, DPJ180RMJ, DPJ180RTJ, DPJ180Z, DPJ180ZJ, DPT351, DPT351RMJ, DPT351RTJ, DPT351Z, DPT351ZJ, DRC200, DRC200Z, DSC162, DSC162RM, DSC162Z, DSC191, DSC191RM, DSC191Z, DSD180, DSD180Z, 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EAN/UPC code 0793574688049
Manufacturer code(s) 194309-1, 194513-2, BL1815, BL1815N
Packaging content 1 piece
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