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Compatible Milwaukee M18 B4 XC Li-ion Battery 4.0Ah/18V

Availability: 7 In stock

Delivery time: ordered before 15:00, shipped today

€65.95Incl. VAT

Quick Overview

Plus.Parts compatible 18V/4.0Ah Li-ion high capacity battery suitable for all cordless power tools from the Milwaukee M18 series. Direct replacement for Milwaukee REDLITHIUM battery number(s); M18 B3 (48-11-1828) and M18 B4 (48-11-1840).


High quality compatible Li-ion high capacity battery with Samsung or Sony cells inside, suitable for all Milwaukee power tools from the M18 series. This 18V battery has a capacity of 4.0Ah (72Wh) and can be charged with your existing Milwaukee charger (for example M12-18 AC, M12-18 FC, M12-18C and M1418 C6). The lithium-ion battery can be charged in any charge state, and the charging process can be interrupted at any time without damaging the battery (no memory effect). This compatible battery is interchangeable with Milwaukee REDLITHIUM battery numbers;

M18, M18 B2, M18 B3, M18 B4, M18 B5, M18 B6, M18 B9, 48-11-1811, 48-11-1815, 48-11-1820, 48-11-1822, 48-11-1828, 48-11-1840, 48-11-1841, 48-11-1850, 48-11-1851, 48-11-1852, 48-11-1860, 48-11-1890, 4932352667, 4932352668, 4932430062, 4932430063, 4932430483, 4932451244, 4932451245.


  • Compatible Milwaukee M18 B4 XC Li-ion Battery 4.0Ah/18V + Compatible Charger for Milwaukee M12, M14 and M18 Li-ion Batteries
    Compatible Charger for Milwaukee M12, M14 and M18 Li-ion Batteries
    Plus.Parts compatible charger for the Milwaukee M12, M14 and M18 lithium-ion power tool batteries. Replacement for Milwaukee part number M12-18 C.

    €109.90 €98.91

    10% discount

    Temporarily out of stock


Voltage 18 V
Capacity 4000 mAh
Battery type Li-ion
Weight (grams) 625
Dimensions (mm) 118 x 75 x 73

Additional Information

Compatible with Milwaukee C18 HZ, C18 HZ-0, C18 HZ-402B, C18 PCG/310, C18 PCG/310C-201B, C18 PCG/400, C18 PCG/400T-201B, C18 PCG/600, C18 PCG/600A-201B, C18 PCG/600T-201B, C18 RAD, C18 RAD-0, HD18 AG-115, HD18 AG-115-0, HD18 AG-115-402C, HD18 AG-125, HD18 AG-125-0, HD18 AG-125-402C, HD18 BS, HD18 BS-0, HD18 BS-402C, HD18 CS, HD18 CS-0, HD18 CS-402B, HD18 H, HD18 H-402C, HD18 HIW, HD18 HIW-0, HD18 HIW-402C, HD18 HIWF, HD18 HIWF-0, HD18 HIWF-402C, HD18 HX, HD18 HX-0, HD18 HX-402C, HD18 JSB, HD18 JSB-0, HD18 JSB-402C, HD18 MS, HD18 MS-0, HD18 MS-402B, HD18 PD, HD18 PD-0, HD18 PXP, HD18 PXP-H06202C, HD18 PXP-H10202C, HD18 SG, HD18 SG-0, HD18 SG-401C, M12-18 JSSP, M12-18 JSSP-0, M18 AF, M18 AF-0, M18 AL, M18 AL-0, M18 BBL, M18 BBL-0, M18 BDD, M18 BDD-0, M18 BDD-202C, M18 BDD-402C, M18 BH, M18 BH-0, M18 BH-402C, M18 BID, M18 BID-0, M18 BID-202C, M18 BID-402C, M18 BIW12, M18 BIW12-0, M18 BIW12-402C, M18 BIW38, M18 BIW38-0, M18 BJS, M18 BJS-0, M18 BJS-402C, M18 BLDD, M18 BLDD-0, M18 BLDD-202C, M18 BLDD-402C, M18 BLHPT, M18 BLHPT-202C, M18 BLHPT-202C M-SET, M18 BLHPT-202C TH-SET, M18 BLHPT-202C U-SET, M18 BLHPT-202C V-SET, M18 BLID, M18 BLID-0, M18 BLID-402C, M18 BLPD, M18 BLPD-0, M18 BLPD-202C, M18 BLPD-402C, M18 BLPP2A, M18 BLPP2A-402C, M18 BLPP2B, M18 BLPP2B-502C, M18 BLPXPL, M18 BLPXPL-502C, M18 BMS12, M18 BMS12-0, M18 BMS20, M18 BMS20-0, M18 BMT, M18 BMT-0, M18 BMT-421C, M18 BP, M18 BP-0, M18 BP-402C, M18 BPD, M18 BPD-0, M18 BPD-202C, M18 BPD-402C, M18 BPP2C, M18 BPP2C-402C, M18 BPP2D, M18 BPP2D-402C, M18 BRAID, M18 BRAID-0, M18 BRAIW, M18 BRAIW-0, M18 BSX, M18 BSX-0, M18 BSX-402C, M18 CAG115X, M18 CAG115X-0X, M18 CAG115X-502X, M18 CAG115XPD, M18 CAG115XPD-0X, M18 CAG115XPDB, M18 CAG115XPDB-0X, M18 CAG115XPDB-502X, M18 CAG125X, M18 CAG125X-0X, M18 CAG125X-502X, M18 CAG125XPD, M18 CAG125XPD-0X, M18 CAG125XPD-502X, M18 CAG125XPDB, M18 CAG125XPDB-0X, M18 CAG125XPDB-502X, M18 CAG125XPDB-902X, M18 CBL, M18 CBL-0, M18 CBS125, M18 CBS125-0, M18 CBS125-502C, M18 CCS55, M18 CCS55-0X, M18 CCS55-502X, M18 CCS55-902X, M18 CCS66, M18 CCS66-0X, M18 CCS66-502X, M18 CCS66-902X, M18 CDEX, M18 CDEX-0, M18 CHIWF12, M18 CHIWF12-0X, M18 CHIWF12-502X, M18 CHIWF34, M18 CHIWF34-0X, M18 CHIWF34-502X, M18 CHIWP12, M18 CHIWP12-0X, M18 CHIWP12-502X, M18 CHM, M18 CHM-0C, M18 CHM-902C, M18 CHPX, M18 CHPX-0X, M18 CHPX-502X, M18 CHPX-902X, M18 CHPXDE, M18 CHPXDE-502C, M18 CHX, M18 CHX-0X, M18 CHX-502X, M18 CHXDE, M18 CHXDE-502C, M18 CN16GA, M18 CN16GA-0X, M18 CN16GA-202X, M18 CN18GS, M18 CN18GS-0X, M18 CN18GS-202X, M18 CRAD, M18 CRAD-0, M18 CSX, M18 CSX-0X, M18 CSX-502X, M18 CSX-902X, M18 CV, M18 CV-0, M18 FAP, M18 FAP180-0X, M18 FAP180-502X, M18 FDD, M18 FDD-0X, M18 FDD-502X, M18 FID, M18 FID-0X, M18 FID-502X, M18 FIWF12, M18 FIWF12-0X, M18 FIWF12-502X, M18 FIWP12, M18 FIWP12-0X, M18 FIWP12-502X, M18 FMDP, M18 FMDP-0C, M18 FMDP-502C, M18 FMS254, M18 FMS254-0, M18 FMTIWF12, M18 FMTIWF12-0X, M18 FMTIWF12-502X, M18 FMTIWP12, M18 FMTIWP12-0X, M18 FMTIWP12-502X, M18 FPD, M18 FPD-0X, M18 FPD-502X, M18 FPP2A, M18 FPP2A-502X, M18 FPP2B, M18 FPP2B-502X, M18 FPP6A, M18 FPP6A-502B, M18 FQID, M18 FQID-0X, M18 FQID-502X, M18 FRAD, M18 FRAD-0, M18 FRADH, M18 FRADH-0, M18 FSG, M18 FSG-0X, M18 FSGC, M18 FSGC-202X, M18 GG, M18 GG-0, M18 GG-201C, M18 HAL, M18 HAL-0, M18 HCC ACSR-SET, M18 HCC CU/AL-SET, M18 HCC-0 ACSR-SET, M18 HCC-0 CU/AL-SET, M18 HCC-201C ACSR-SET, M18 HCC-201C CU/AL-SET, M18 HCCT, M18 HCCT-201C, M18 HKP, M18 HKP-201C, M18 HKP-201CA, M18 HSAL, M18 HSAL-0, M18 HSAL-502B, M18 IL, M18 IL-0, M18 JSR, M18 JSR DAB+, M18 JSR DAB+-0, M18 JSR-0, M18 LL, M18 LL-0, M18 ONEDD, M18 ONEDD-0X, M18 ONEDD-502X, M18 ONEID, M18 ONEID-0X, M18 ONEID-502X, M18 ONEIWF12, M18 ONEIWF12-0X, M18 ONEIWF12-502X, M18 ONEIWP12, M18 ONEIWP12-0X, M18 ONEIWP12-502X, M18 ONEPD, M18 ONEPD-0X, M18 ONEPD-502X, M18 ONESX, M18 ONESX-0X, M18 ONESX-502X, M18 ONESX-902X, M18 PP6B, M18 PP6B-502B, M18 PP6D, M18 PP6D-502B, M18 RC, M18 RC-0, M18 SAL, M18 SAL-0, M18 SAL-502B, M18 SLED, M18 SLED-0, M18 SMS216, M18 SMS216-0, M18 TLED, M18 TLED-0, M18 VC, M18 VC-0, M18-28 CPDEX, M18-28 CPDEX-0.
EAN/UPC code 0793574685284
Manufacturer code(s) M18 B3, M18 B4, 48-11-1828, 48-11-1840, 48111828, 48111840, 4932352668, 4932430063
Packaging content 1 piece
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